My, since a little while beautiful, app called What?! was a little slow when opening files. A lot slower since the version before the big redesign. When you changed a lot it is hard to find a starting point. What you can do about this? You already read the title so you know the answer. Tldr; just try it.

The `console.log()` function is something most JS developers know, you can output anything to the console (for Node as well as the browser). I think a lot of developers do not know about `console.time()` though. …

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In Angular you have some great internationalisation (i18n) out of the box, which builds the nice compiled and minified bundle your used to. You have a compiled version per language. If you work with another framework which does the same thing (export a language per directory), this approach will work for you as well.

My problem: the separate directories give you nasty URL’s, something like Okay, so that’s just looks but it can also be a problem with sharing links. …

You kicked off your day, just got your second coffee, when your colleague asks you something about a customer question. The first thing you think is “F**k”, shit is broken and it is bad. If you create digital products, you have been there. It happens.

How you manage this situation is important though. The name Panic Mode suggests chaos. The funny thing is, by having clear rules and a process you will have no chaos at all. Maybe you have a process for it already. We do, let me tell you all about it.

Ride the ride together. Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash.

1. Shit hits the fan

Often it starts when a customer…

Three years ago. It‘s a nice summer day with a soft breeze and it hasn’t rained in days. I am at the office, working. It already sounds like a nice story, but honostly I don’t know what kind of day it was three years back. What I do know is that I was at the office and that we started a new project (called HoorayHR).

Angular would be the front-end framework and ambitions bigger than just the Dutch language, therefor we needed internationalisation. Which Angular has i18n for, works out of the box and it works well. The only downside…

When you start working with dates it doesn’t seem difficult. Then you will think, how the fuck do I get this time difference and how do time zones work? After a while you realized that you made some mistakes and encounter your first problems. If you read this article you will probably know what I am talking about. Because mistakes I have made. Some approaches give you nasty bugs that can be hard to solve afterwards.

Examples in this article are based on Angular in combination with Feathers, Sequelize and MySQL. …

Tim etc.

Creator of digital things. Chief product and innovation at HoorayHR.

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